The tests in this category are multiple question or matching types, offered in basic, intermediate and sometimes advanced.

Show your prospective employer that you understand specialized aspects of Nursing skills such as Critical Care, Emergency Room Protocol

Each test takes about 30 minutes, and certificates are available per test in this category.

Test ID Test Name Description Quantity
CCARE01 Critical Care Express your knowledge of critical care nursing, showing skills relating to cardio-vascular, renal, abdominal systems, shock, legal & ethical issues. 25 questions
CCARE02 Critical Care Interaction You will be presented with critical care situations, and you apply your knowledge and skills in order to solve the situation. Covering respiratory, neurological, endocrine and hematologic systems. 30 questions
RAD001 Clinical Radiology Examines your knowledge of clinical radiology – including spinal, chest and limb radiographs. Also can include CT head scan radiographs and radiographic diagnostics. 22 questions
HSP001 Emergency Room Show your knowledge of emergency room nursing, triage, patient assessment, transfer& transport, legal & ethical issues, research and education. 25 questions
HSP002 Dosage Calculations You need to show your knowledge in calculating dosages required for administration of medications. 33 questions
NRS001 Surgical Tests your knowledge of medical surgical nursing – includes patient assessment, pediatric and geriatric nursing. 25 questions
NRS002 Coding Tests your knowledge of ICD-9-CM coding. Includes classification, forms, index conventions and coding. 20 questions

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